Thank you for your interest in the Wakelet Security Token Offering. To begin the process we need to establish your legal identity and provide you with secure LOG IN access to begin the process. PLEASE SEE BELOW.


STEP 1. Once you have been identified here, you will receive email confirmation and be directed back to the portal to LOG IN with your private credentials and you may then begin the accreditation process. You will need to register as A) an individual investor OR B) an Entity (on behalf of LLC, Corporation, etc) AND then you will be able to FUND.


STEP 2 (A).   Next step for an Individual, Once you have verified your email and established a log in, you will receive an email and links to upload the necessary accreditation documents. You will be in a secure, encrypted environment and will always have access to see your communications as a US Individual Investor. kindly note Investor Portal. All commmunications will be logged in the Blockchain for safety and compliance. Alternatively, you can submit any of the following to obtain accreditation as well:


-A Letter of Accreditation from a certified public accountant confirming you meet the “Qualification Test” below

-A Letter of Accreditation from a licensed attorney confirming you meet the “Qualification Test” below

-Two years of tax returns confirming that you have made over $200,000 per year

-A Letter of Accreditation from a Broker Dealer or investment adviser registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission confirming you meet the “Qualification Test” below

Qualification Test means you meet one of the following:

·         You are a natural person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with your spouse, exceeds USD $1,000,000 (not including the value of your primary residence), or

·         You had individual income in excess of $200,000, or joint income with your spouse in excess of $300,000, in each of the two most recent years



STEP 2 (B).   Next steps for an Entity , Once you have chosen to invest as an Entity you will receive the proper email to verify and begin the accreditation process and document upload. You will be able to revisit the issuer's portal and log in to review all of your communications and documents in a secure and encrypted environment. All steps will be logged in the Blockchain for safety and compince. You will need the following OR COUNTRY EQUIVALENT:

·  Entity Name

·  Copy of Articles of Incorporation/ Certificate of Domicile (Date of Formation)

·  Operating Agreement

·  Copy of SS4/ tax doc that reflects companies EIN

·  Document reflecting the officers of the company

·  Copies of the driver's license/ passport etc (for each managing member)

·  Document stating the source of income for company (company business)

·  Email Address

·  Phone Number



STEP 3.  Fund. You will receive a private email and be directed back to your individual portal, once you have been approved, to FUND your account.



  • Would you like to invest as an individual or an entity?

  • Name of Individual or Entity

  • Phone

  • Citizenship/Residency

  • I acknowledge that the entry of my name in the field below represents an e-signature as detailed in our terms of use. I acknowledge that, by completing this investment is at risk and may be lost. I acknowledge that by completing this investment commitment, I can cancel my investment at any time up until 48 hours prior to the target offering deadline. I acknowledge it may be difficult to resell the securities I acquire. I have read and and agree to the terms set up in the Offering Memorandum.

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